How will you match the mentors/mentees in the Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade? 

Thanks for asking, there are a lot of pieces to take into consideration. We start with asking matches what they most desire from a 1:1 relationship. We also consider how people prefer to communicate (zoom, facetime, in person, etc.) and if they prefer regularly scheduled check-ins or a more unplanned mode to reach out when a need arises. We also consider geography, the type of garden, and anything else you tell us really matters to you (family makeup, time able to commit, etc) and make our matches based on what seems most aligned. 

Should I join the Brigade if the only space I have to grow food is my balcony or window sill?

Yes! We support growing wherever and whenever possible. We have members from South Boston and Stoughton and their growing spaces are different. We take that into consideration when we make mentor/mentee matches. We want to support you!

Do the garden tours and volunteer opportunities adhere to social distancing guidelines?

Yes! Wearing is caring: if meeting in person we expect that all participants will wear a face mask and maintain social distancing precautions. Also, if you feel sick, please stay home and reschedule. 

What makes this Jewish? Do I have to be Jewish to join? 

We are open to all! You don’t have to be Jewish to join. Much of our framing will be tied to the Hebrew calendar. For example, the weekly Shabbat email will remind you of the wisdom inherent in the Jewish agricultural traditions and cycles. 

What are some good ice-breaker questions for talking with other members?

  • What is your kavanah (intention) – what draws you to the Brigade? 
  • Do you prepare for gardening spiritually as well as physically? 
  • What are your favorite tools for dealing with implicit biases, if you find them arising in yourself (i.e. racism, ageism, sexism, classism, etc.)?
  • What you will do with your harvest and your shefa (abundance)?
  • What brings you the most joy in your garden?

What if I can’t afford it?

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact Leora if the cost feels prohibitive to your participation:

Is it fun?

Yes, we think gardening is super fun! 

I really want to build a Biblical garden and grow the 7 species of Israel in my backyard. Will you help me do that?

Actually, the 7 Species (Sheva Minim) got their distinction because they are native to the land of Israel, which is a very different growing climate than New England. Most of these species don’t bear fruit here. [The seven species are: Grapes. dates, olives, pomegranate, figs, wheat, barley.]