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LimmudBoston is a happening, a Jewish learningfest of culture and identity. From storytelling, music and meditation to Torah and Talmud, LimmudBoston offers inspiration and education – engaging beginners and scholars alike. Join Ganei Beantown director, Leora Mallach, for a workshop titled, “Guilt Free Gelt: Celebrating a Fair Trade Chanukah.” In Hebrew, “Limmud” means “learning” – […]

NEGEF rootskills 2017

RootSkills Conference

The RootSkills Conference is an annual conference hosted by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund. The RootSkills Conference brings together 300+ students, community organizers, funders, nonprofits, and sustainable businesses who are working to address social justice challenges and improve community health, community resilience, and the environment in New England. Now more than ever, it is critical that […]


BJFC17: Call for workshop proposals

Sponsored by Ganei Beantown, the 6th annual Boston Jewish Food Conference is on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA. We are looking for workshop presenters to provide insight into topics and trends in our local and regional food and Jewish communities, through practical tips, best practices and strategies at our annual […]


Canning workshop for a sweet New Year

  Explore sweetness and get ready for the High Holidays: An Apple Butter Canning workshop for a Sweet New Year! In a twist on the traditional apple in honey, we will learn a water bath canning method, and make our very own apple butter. The process will be interspersed with short bouts of Jewish learning, […]


Extending the growing season- for Sukkot and beyond!

Hoping to have your own vegetables to share in your Sukkah at the end of October? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discuss timing and crop varieties as well as learn simple, affordable techniques for extending the growing season into the cooler weather. Join us at City Natives, a half-acre horticultural learning center and native plant nursery […]

calendula seeds

Saving your own seeds

Co-sponsored by The Trustees, a statewide land trust, and hosted at City Natives, a half-acre horticulture learning center and native plant nursery in Mattapan, our hands-on Seed Saving workshop was taught by the fabulous Michelle de Lima, Engagement Manager of Boston Community Gardens on August 18, 2016.   We opened with discussion of the myriad […]

calendula seeds

Seed Your Own Seeds

Complete the growing season and prepare for the next by saving your own seeds. Learn to collect, process, and store seeds from tomatoes, lettuce, beans and other garden favorites. Saving seeds can save money, create greater food security, and maintain genetic diversity in our plants. Join us at City Natives, a half-acre horticultural learning center and […]

8th annual Community Tikkun Leil Shavuot Brookline

Kehillath Israel: 384 Harvard Street and 100 Centre Street in Brookline Starting at 9:00 pm (with a pre-tikkun session at 8:15p) and ending June 12 at 4:10 am Join your friends and neighbors from Dust to Day for an all-night educational and cultural experience! We again offer a variety of traditional and innovative programming, from […]

2nd annual Metrowest Community Tikkun Leyl Shavuot

Lots of great classes, singing, dancing, & more, and a special midnight ceremony! If you are coming after dinner, there is no charge, and reservations are not needed. 5:00 Storyteller 5:45 Dairy Dinner: Reservations needed 7:00 Study into the night (until 1:30am) 8:00 Keynote address by Rabbi Harold Kushner 9:20 Ma’ariv service and cheesecake   […]