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Green Cleaning with Chesed

In the month of Elul, as we approach the High Holidays, the Days of Awe, join us to prepare for the New Year and consider caring for ourselves, each other, our community and the environment around us. Make and take home some do-it-yourself, easy, and inexpensive cleaners and recipes that are kind and nurturing to […]


Canning workshop for a sweet New Year

  Explore sweetness and get ready for the High Holidays: An Apple Butter Canning workshop for a Sweet New Year! In a twist on the traditional apple in honey, we will learn a water bath canning method, and make our very own apple butter. The process will be interspersed with short bouts of Jewish learning, […]


Extending the growing season- for Sukkot and beyond!

Hoping to have your own vegetables to share in your Sukkah at the end of October? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discuss timing and crop varieties as well as learn simple, affordable techniques for extending the growing season into the cooler weather. Join us at City Natives, a half-acre horticultural learning center and native plant nursery […]

calendula seeds

Saving your own seeds

Co-sponsored by The Trustees, a statewide land trust, and hosted at City Natives, a half-acre horticulture learning center and native plant nursery in Mattapan, our hands-on Seed Saving workshop was taught by the fabulous Michelle de Lima, Engagement Manager of Boston Community Gardens on August 18, 2016.   We opened with discussion of the myriad […]

Raise the Root!

Some Rabbi’s considered a vegetable garden to be essential in a city. Raised beds can be simple to build and very productive to grow in.  Join us at City Natives, a half-acre horticultural learning center and native plant nursery in Mattapan, for this hands-on workshop. We’ll show you how to build, fill and plant a […]


Brewing for Sukkot

In partnership with Riverway Project, come learn the ancient art of HOMEBREWING as we prepare for our Sukkot Harvest Celebration! This workshop will not only teach you how to brew beer, but also brew the beer we will drink in October as well as include some study time with the Rabbi. Please register in advance […]


Cheese-making workshop: Preparing for revelation

Torah is the force that sustains our people, flowing with milk and honey. Through revelation on Shavuot we gain the nutritious power of Torah to nourish our whole selves. Please join Nehar Shalom and Ganei Beantown as we prepare for the revelation of Torah on Shavuot, the “dairy holiday,” through text learning and cheese making (to be […]

Guilt Free Gelt: A Fair Trade Chocolate Workshop

As we learn to make our very own chocolate from scratch, starting with the bean, we will also learn about the importance of fair-trade products in the context of Chanukah, a holiday that cries out against oppression. We will learn about making empowered choices that support workers’ rights today, bringing ancient texts to bear on […]


Canning for Sukkot

The season of harvest and abundance is upon us and it’s a great time to start thinking about the months ahead. Join Moishe Kavod House, The Riverway Project and Ganei Beantown to learn the ins and outs of water bath canning while preparing some of the food for our Sukkot Harvest Celebration (Tues. Oct. 14). We’ll […]

brewing crew at Temple Israel 2013

Brewing beer for Sukkot

Join the Riverway Project and Ganei Beantown to celebrate summer and start thinking ahead to Autumn. We’ll learn the how-to of brewing beer while also brewing some for our Sukkot Harvest Celebration (Tues. Oct. 14). We’ll have time for instruction, learning and snacking. What better way to celebrate summer and prepare for New Year 5775 […]