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Tu B’shvat and the Trees 5777

Over the centuries there have been many ways to celebrate Tu B’shvat: property assessment, mystical connection to the natural world, planting trees to claim land, and laying foundations. It’s a holiday with roots in Biblical agricultural law and expressions to the divine. If we focus just on planting, we both diminish the — of the […]

Tu B’shvat and local trees

RESCHEDULED- FEB. 26 IS NEW DATE Join Ganei Beantown to explore Tu B’shvat in New England What’s in season? Maple syrup! Tu B’shvat is traditionally a time to asses our field and fruit trees. Led by the Land’s Sake Farm educators, we’ll explore the sugaring process, from tree-tapping, wood splitting, boiling and bottling. Making local […]


Inclusive Tu B’Shevat Seder

RESCHEDULED Join Yachad, Congregation Shaarei Tefillah, K’Sharim and Ganei Beantown for an inclusive Tu B’Shevat Seder celebrating the new year of the trees. Over the course of the evening we’ll journey through the seasons and explore our relationship to the natural world. In its 20th year, this family event includes wood crafts, songs, movement, Tu […]

Temple Reyim Tu Bishvat Lunch & Learn

Join the Temple Reyim community and Ganei Beantown for a Tu Bishvat themed Lunch & Learn. After Shabbat services, we will gather for lunch, and then have a program focused on how we’re all connected- people and planet. We will examine some Jewish source texts of economic and agricultural structures that ask us to consider […]


Tu Bishvat 5776

Tu Bishvat is a busy time for Ganei Beantown! Tu Bishvat, the 15th of the month of Shvat, serves a legal purpose. Jewish law forbids eating the fruit of a tree in the land of Israel before it is three years old. Tu Bishvat was instituted as the day when all the trees aged a […]

Interfaith Food Justice Tu B’Shevat

This is a time of year where we celebrate the Jewish holiday and tradition of honoring trees. Specifically, fruit bearing trees, who we are commanded to allow three years to root before indulging in their harvest. Tu B’shevat is a tree’s ‘birthday,’ their time marker and coming of age as a bearer of fruit. How are we connected to […]

cocktails and community 2013

Cocktails and Community

Rather than mixing wines, we will be learning to make four seasonal vodka infusions! Come for the mixology; come for the drinks + nosh representing the seven species of Israel; and come to learn about four local organizations working to strengthen our local food system and access to healthy food. In keeping with the biblical […]

cocktails and community 2013

Amazing Tu B’shvat programming coming up!

The 15th of Shvat is the Tu Bishvat holiday, a biblical New Year used as the birthday for determining the age of fruit trees as they relate to tithing expectations. Its celebration has been a journey from jubilation before the Lord and communal responsibility to planting parsley in Styrofoam cups in synagogues across America. How […]