As you prepare for your Passover Seder, and consider ancient notions of slavery, gain insight into contemporary realities of those doing agricultural work today as well as ways to acknowledge and tie that into your celebrations. For example, did you know that a large portion of the meat on US grocery store shelves is processed […]

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ה׳ בניסן ה׳תשע״ט (April 10, 2019)
Molly and daughter

To describe a webinar as life changing sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? But it actually happened. As crazy as it sounds, Sourcing Higher Welfare: Navigating Food Claims and Choosing Best Options, facilitated by Beantown Jewish Gardens, felt as if it was developed with me in mind. It has really forced me to reconsider my relationship […]

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י״א באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ט (March 18, 2019)

We kick off with a two-part, in-depth webinar conversation about Jewish tradition and crucial tools for making conscious purchasing choices today: Sourcing Higher Welfare: Navigating food claims and choosing best options Ever wonder what all those claims and labels on food containers mean? Which indicate good practices, and which are in line with your values? For […]

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ל׳ באדר א׳ ה׳תשע״ט (March 7, 2019)