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Field work

Post Sukkot gleaning

Join Ganei Beantown for a day of gleaning the harvest with Boston Area Gleaners. Boston Area Gleaners distributes high-quality, locally grown produce to food banks, pantries, and meal programs by working closely with farmers, and providing volunteer labor ​to harvest what would otherwise be plowed under. Gleaning is a biblical idea of collecting surplus crops from farmers’ […]

Farm to Table Shabbat

Sit down together for a delicious, locally sourced Shabbat dinner at Hillel. This year we are focusing on cultivating a sense of connectedness to our food and our place as humans in the wider ecosystem, especially as this week’s Torah portion is Bereshit, the biblical creation story. Each of our food choices have the power […]


Sukkot Harvest Celebration

Join us for our 4th annual Sukkot Harvest Celebration! Sukkot, a biblical harvest festival, is also a time to welcome guests and celebrate. We’ll start in the kitchen preparing our meal in small teams, and then come together outside in the Sukkah to enjoy our feast. We’ll also study a bit of Torah with Rabbi […]


Canning workshop for a sweet New Year

  Explore sweetness and get ready for the High Holidays: An Apple Butter Canning workshop for a Sweet New Year! In a twist on the traditional apple in honey, we will learn a water bath canning method, and make our very own apple butter. The process will be interspersed with short bouts of Jewish learning, […]

calendula seeds

Saving your own seeds

Co-sponsored by The Trustees, a statewide land trust, and hosted at City Natives, a half-acre horticulture learning center and native plant nursery in Mattapan, our hands-on Seed Saving workshop was taught by the fabulous Michelle de Lima, Engagement Manager of Boston Community Gardens on August 18, 2016.   We opened with discussion of the myriad […]


Drought, Drought Baby

When thinking about natural disasters, I most often consider the big impactful ones: hurricanes, twisters, tornadoes, or earthquakes. In 2011, Hurricane Irene had big impact in New England and on our regional agricultural sector. Yet, it is a severe drought, like we have now, that has a sustained impact without the big one-time punch, heart […]


Sukkot Harvest Celebration

Co-sponsored and hosted by the Riverway Project at Temple Israel we’ll start in the kitchen and prepare our meal and then sit down in the Sukkah to enjoy it together. We’ll also study a bit of Torah with Rabbi Soffer and have opportunity to shave the lulav. Life too crazy to help prepare the meal? […]

Boston Jewish Food Network

Wondering how you can stay connected and learn what’s happening in the realm of Boston Jewish Food and Sustainability? Do you have issues to raise with the community? Local resources and connections needed? Join the Boston Jewish Food Network google group here. The mission of the Boston Jewish Food Network is to share resources for […]