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LimmudBoston is a happening, a Jewish learningfest of culture and identity. From storytelling, music and meditation to Torah and Talmud, LimmudBoston offers inspiration and education – engaging beginners and scholars alike. Join Ganei Beantown director, Leora Mallach, for a workshop titled, “Guilt Free Gelt: Celebrating a Fair Trade Chanukah.” In Hebrew, “Limmud” means “learning” – […]

December 09 032

Fair Trade Shabbat

Fair Trade Shabbat is an initiative of Fair Trade Judaica, to educate Jewish communities about the connection of Jewish values and fair trade principles. Resources are available to craft a Fair Trade Shabbat in your community from our friends at Fair Trade Judaica!    

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So much Chanukah funakah!

The Chanukah story is one of the fight by the Maccabees for religious freedom from the Greek-Syrian oppression. We take eight days to increase the lights on our chanukiah, eat fried foods, and celebrate miracles and our freedoms. This time of year especially, our consumer choices also allow us the opportunity to live our values […]

Guilt Free Gelt: A Fair Trade Chocolate Workshop

As we learn to make our very own chocolate from scratch, starting with the bean, we will also learn about the importance of fair-trade products in the context of Chanukah, a holiday that cries out against oppression. We will learn about making empowered choices that support workers’ rights today, bringing ancient texts to bear on […]