Our planning team strives to work with organizations and vendors that align with educating and connecting our community towards building a regional, ethical and resilient food system. 

We respect the variety of pressures a business has while taking into consideration people, profits, and planet. We aspire to make this gathering as low impact as possible and take into consideration many factors when working with organizations and vendors to participate, including mission, local affiliation and/or quality of ingredients.

With the understanding that resource use, and disposal, is a complex, multi-faceted issue, we are committed to working with attendees and vendors to minimize the waste we send to landfills by thinking about the source and disposal options. There is no such place as away! We have thought consciously about where our event waste is going, and are setting up waste stations with a variety of disposal options. 

We encourage all event attendees to limit the waste they produce today and every day.

With respect to the variety of diets within the contemporary Jewish landscape, our vendor food options will be clearly labeled with regard to allergens, sourcing, and oversight of ingredients and process (kashrut).