• Shabbat Inspirations – October 1
    By Jeanie Gruber I never dreamed it would be my Judaism that contributed to my resolving an ongoing internal negotiation – a chronic soul searching. To save my soul, I could not figure out what was a healthy amount of “self-love”, “selfishness”, “wanting”, “needing”, “giving”, ‘taking’, “buying”, “greed”. How to obtain happiness, contentment, satisfaction?!!  No […]
  • Shabbat Inspirations – September 10
    Such a sweet time of year!In honor of it, we hosted an online forum about pollinators. The most important and inspiring reminder for me was that plants and insects have co-evolved together in order for nature to make reproductive systems happen. Our presenter, beekeeper Peter Frykman, reminded us that even invasive species such as Japanese […]
  • Shabbat Inspirations – September 3
    Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world. That’s big stuff starting Monday evening! There is so much going on right now in preparation, for Rosh Hashanah, for the Labor Day long weekend, to cleanup from this latest deluge of water (so many plants knocked over and roots soaked) as well as the daily activities […]
  • Shabbat Inspirations – August 27
    During the month of August, we issued a challenge to our Beantown Jewish Gardens community to volunteer for hunger relief. There are a broad array of agencies working to feed the food insecure in our community, through a combination of nutritional and financial support. Led by the Greater Boston Food Bank, we have a well […]
  • Shabbat Inspirations August 20
    You never know what’s going to be that sweet spot of your wonderus entry point. You could have fooled me on this one. Last summer I was a volunteer gleaner at Apple Field Farm in Stow, MA. The owner, Farmer Ray, began our glean with one of his spontaneous quick talks. One image permeated my attention. […]