Boston Jewish Food Conference communal meal

The Boston Jewish Food Conference (BJFC) is an annual springtime event that brings together community members to learn about Jewish agriculture, labor issues, health, food access, kashrut, and local food history.  The fun day of learning and community building includes workshops, a meal, a shuk (marketplace), and DIY activities.

An annual event, the BJFC has a fabulous history of bringing people together. Check out the past years of the Boston Jewish Food Conference. To be the first to know what’s coming up, join our email distribution list.

As Jews, we have historical roots in the land and a contemporary reputation as “people of the book.” How do we reconcile that? From agricultural best-practices to holiday celebrations and family stories, our ties to place and culture bind us together.

It’s our duty to be mindful not only of the quality of the food we put in our bodies but also the overall health of our communities. What can we learn from the cycles of the seasons, the harvests and our historical traditions to nurture our bodies, spirits, and communities?


Postcard: Living off the Land; Boston Jewish food Conference, Sunday June 10, 2018, Temple Israel


People cooking at the Boston Jewish Food Conference


Presenter speaking at Boston Jewish Food Conference

Child on bike blender smoothie at Boston Jewish Food Conference