If passed, Question 3 will prevent farm animals from being crammed into cages so small they can’t even turn around or extend their limbs, as well as ensure that certain food items sold in the Commonwealth are compliant with these modest standards.

Guest blog post by Danielle Bryant During the first few days of June I decided to sign up for a Jewish social justice ten-day vacation to Thailand with a program called Justifi. While there I helped young Thai children learn English and simultaneously soaked up Thai culture. It was a life-changing experience that was so […]

When thinking about natural disasters, I most often consider the big impactful ones: hurricanes, twisters, tornadoes, or earthquakes. In 2011, Hurricane Irene had big impact in New England and on our regional agricultural sector. Yet, it is a severe drought, like we have now, that has a sustained impact without the big one-time punch, heart […]