In August the weeds may have slowed down a bit and we’ve moved forward in time when the sun isn’t quite as hot, and there can be a lot of produce ripening. Have you been wondering what you can do with excess crops from your garden? You missed National “sneak some zucchini into your neighbors […]

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ט״ו באלול ה׳תש״פ (September 4, 2020)

Janet Kolodner, a mentor with the Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade, has been growing vegetables on and off since 1980. She developed her green thumb as she helped her father plant his backyard gardens when she was growing up in the 1960’s. He planted tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and mint. Her mother made borscht from […]

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ה׳ באלול ה׳תש״פ (August 25, 2020)
Planning team

In Spring 2020 we will be launching the New England Jewish Sustainable Food and Agriculture Festival. The multi-generational, pluralistic event will educate and connect the Greater Boston Jewish community around dynamics of building sustainable food systems, understanding what the impacts and implications of our food choices are, as well as provide networking opportunities and resource […]

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כ״ד באלול ה׳תשע״ט (September 24, 2019)