Farmer’s Markets, CSA Pick-up Sites, Sustainably-minded Restaurants, Learning Opportunities. We know Boston has it. But where are they?

At the 2013 Boston Jewish Food Conference, we began compiling the best information into an interactive Google Map to be used as a resource by and for our entire community.

Simply click on one of the locations to learn more about it. You can view the calendar in a Google Map window here.

We invite you to flag your favorite spots on our map:

  • Farms, Farm Stands, and CSA Delivery Points (blue)
  • Farmers’ Markets (red)
  • Grocery Stores and Retail Outlets (green)
  • Organizations and Educational Resources (turquoise)
  • Restaurants (purple)
  • Resources outside the Boston Area (magenta)

View the Beantown Sustainable Food Map in a larger map