Shabbat Inspirations – September 10

Such a sweet time of year!
In honor of it, we hosted an online forum about pollinators.

The most important and inspiring reminder for me was that plants and insects have co-evolved together in order for nature to make reproductive systems happen. Our presenter, beekeeper Peter Frykman, reminded us that even invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed, loathed by landscape designers and gardeners, is loved by various pollinators.

And let’s not be narrow minded. We have 700 species of bees in New England, the honey bee is only one, and not native to this area. Our diversity is our strength in building a strong ecosystem and by nurturing native, solitary bees such as leaf cutters and mason bees, we ensure our food plants are being pollinated.

He talked about pollinators as either generalists or those who practice “floral fidelity.”

Either way, we are all connected.

Building a healthy ecosystem takes time and energy. The payout might not be seen initially, or even during our times of observation. I believe it is worth it. Gleanings for further learning included:

  • The Xerces Society that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats whose key program areas are: pollinator conservation, endangered species conservation, and reducing pesticide use and impacts.
  • Native Plant Trust, the nation’s first plant conservation organization and the only one solely focused on New England’s native plants (in Framingham, MA).
  • Douglas Tallamy, the ecologist encouraging people to go wild and natural in their backyards. Here’s a video of a talk he did in Wellesley.

Samson Raphael Hirsch, in 1836 Germany, in his 3rd letter of Ben Uziel, wrote:

Thus one glorious chain of love, of giving and receiving, unites all creatures; none is by or for itself, but all things exist in continual reciprocal activity — the one for the All; the All for the One. None has power, or means, for itself; it receives in order to give; gives in order to receive, and finds therein the accomplishment of the purpose of its existence. “ה,” “Love,” say the sages, “love which bears and is born is the type of creation.” “Love,” is the message which all things proclaim to thee.

Shabbat Shalom – May it be filled with love and interconnectedness.

י״ב בתשרי ה׳תשפ״ב (September 18, 2021)