Shabbat Inspiration – July 23

When I’m seeking inspiration and motivation, from where does it come?

During this past year I have been thinking a lot about the power of song, and missing when a community raises their voices together. In my garden, it is the songs of the birds, my neighbors, and the leaf blowers that often accompany my time.

This is a quote from Psalm 121, “Shir La’Maalot – a Song to the Ascent,” a movement towards divinity. It was said to have been sung by pilgrims on their ascent to Jerusalem, among the Judean Hills. Music is simultaneously grounding and uplifting. Yet, it is not only on the high places where there is inspiration, but also all around us, in every tomato plant, kale leaf and blueberry bush.

What lifts you up and keeps you grounded?
What moves your spirit and guides your hands?
What pushes you foward in the everyday tasks you do?

Here’s a super energetic dance track by Zafrir, with a synth bass, that I find irresistible for dancing around the garden.

If banjo is more your style, Nefesh Mountain has got you covered.

This Shabbat, may we be lifted up and be embraced by the rhythms around us. 

ח׳ באלול ה׳תשפ״א (August 16, 2021)