Shabbat Inspirations June 4th

Is it summer yet?

Here we are, just past Memorial Day, so some would say it’s officially Summer. In addition to the respectful and commemorative elements for U.S. military personnel who have died during the performance of their military duties, the long weekend is the start of permissible white pants and shoes, or the weekend to plant one’s hot loving plants, such as tomatoes and eggplant, outdoors (hopefully not while wearing white).

Additionally, this past week included June 1, which is the meteorological start of the Summer season. Meteorological seasons begin on the first of a particular month and last for 3 months. Climate scientists created this definition to make it easier to keep records of the weather, since the start of the meteorological season doesn’t change from year to year, the data is easier to align and analyze.

Looking ahead, this coming week includes the new moon and start of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. In the land of Israel the fruits on the trees are ripening in the heat, the pomegranates, olives, dates and figs. Tammuz is the month of my birthday, which is in July, and for sure a summer month.

Many would say the start of the summer season is June 20 or 21, which is the summer solstice and astronomical start of the season. This longest day of the year is when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun.

Which is all to say that more sun = quicker growth of plants and weeds!

Now is the time to get out there and stay on top of your weeding. Weeding helps the plants you want to grow, as it eliminates the competition for nutrients in the soil. Also, if you don’t start weeding now, they can quickly overwhelm you!

Let’s get outside and celebrate the start of Summer, whenever or however you understand it to begin!