Shabbat Inspirations April 9th 2021

When we launched the Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade in 2020, we knew we were responding to an increased interest in gardening while at home. In the process, we consulted with our peers at other Jewish Community Farming organizations to find out how they were responding to the need as well.

Our friends at Shoresh, in Toronto, launched “Dayenu Gardens,” (Dayenu = enough). In the Passover story we list the multitudes of G!d’s miracles, each of which would have been enough. To deepen this attitude of gratitude, they issued a “dayenu everyday” practice, a daily reminder that we do have enough. 

They propose that a Dayenu Garden is therefore a plot of land for you to cultivate the following:

  • Gratitude for having enough;
  • Awe and wonder for the miracle of life and a sacred place to experience this miracle unfolding;
  • Some nutrient dense vegetables and herbs for your family to enjoy;
  • And if you have extra space, consider growing for community members in need and for the pollinators so everyone can have enough.

Early April is a time when people in New England start putting plants outside. (Yeah!) To start, check out the leafy greens of the brassica family (broccoli, cabbage, bok choi, turnips and more). Either seeds or seedlings can be planted outside now, as they are frost tolerant. They are even sweeter with a bit of cold!
In addition to your attitude of gratitude, the start of the season is the time to get into good habits. Drink plenty of water. Keep your tools clean and dry when not in use. DO A TICK CHECK when you come in from the garden.

A reminder that we have created this list of local seedling salesIf you know of other sales we should include on this list, please let me know. Many local farms set up online ordering systems last year and are thus maintaining them this year. There is increased demand and I imagine many seedlings will sell out. If there is a specific variety of something you’d like, I highly encourage you to pre-order. Additionally, there are a few Brigade members who anticipate having extra seedlings and as it warms we’ll keep you posted with those options.  

Here is a growing list of the seeds we have available for sharing. Thank you to those who have offered seeds, as well as those who have expressed interest! We’re figuring out distribution options, and will be updating this list as the season progresses.

We are coordinating two volunteer days at Prospect Hill Terrace in Waltham on Sunday April 18th and Sunday 25th from 10:00am – 12:00pm. We will be refurbishing garden beds, mulching paths, pruning, adding compost and incorporating it into the soil. Please wear close-toed shoes, bring work gloves and a water bottle. We expect that all participants will wear a face mask and maintain social distancing precautions. Also, if you feel sick, please stay home. What a great way  to learn by doing.