Kicking Off our Omer Campaign

Dear Friends of Beantown Jewish Gardens,
We hope that you all had a meaningful and enjoyable Passover, and are enjoying the emergence of spring! As is counted in Jewish time, we are now in the seven weeks of counting the Omer, leading to the spring harvest holiday of Shavuot. We are launching our own Omer Campaign over the course of these seven weeks, and we are looking for your financial support!
We at Beantown Jewish Gardens are grateful to have emerged from the darkest days of the pandemic with a thriving new project, the Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade. It’s a simple idea with beautiful results, and we couldn’t be happier! The premise of the Brigade is this: bring together gardening mavens with gardening novices, and through these partnerships we will grow both food and also a more sustainability-focused Jewish community.

The Omer is a time of counting the seven weeks from the barley harvest to the wheat harvest — a time that balances the uncertainty of the growing season with hope for a strong harvest, and for Beantown Jewish Gardens, our Omer Campaign is such a time as well. As a contributor, you can be a valued part of our efforts to strengthen local harvests and new relationships. This season will include more gardens and gardeners, efforts to support greater local food stability, weekly learning tied to the growing season and the rhythms of Jewish time, and so much more! But we truly cannot accomplish this without you. 
In our first season, this project was a quick pivot from our more-familiar large gatherings, and we were delighted that the Brigade matched with what people were seeking. With 40 members in our first year, we helped folks start food gardens in large backyards and on small back steps, as pairs of gardeners got to know one another either through a Zoom screen or a socially-distant visit. Bolstered by this success, we decided to continue to build the Brigadein 2021, and this is where you come in.

Whatever amount you are able to give, each contribution will enable us to continue to build a Jewish community that is dedicated to sustainability in how we live, how we eat, and how we connect with one another.
During the 49 days of the Omer Campaign, we aim to add 49 new members to our Gardening Brigade — if you or someone you know would like to garden with us, we would love to have you!
We hope that you will join us with your support — and thank you in advance.

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Wishing you health and growth,

Rabbi Emily Mathis

Leora Mallach
Executive Director