New England Jewish Sustainable Food and Agriculture Festival planning team

Planning team

In Spring 2020 we will be launching the New England Jewish Sustainable Food and Agriculture Festival. The multi-generational, pluralistic event will educate and connect the Greater Boston Jewish community around dynamics of building sustainable food systems, understanding what the impacts and implications of our food choices are, as well as provide networking opportunities and resource sharing.

Building upon our seven years of running the Boston Jewish Food Conference, we aim to expand our annual springtime event to reach a wider audience. On May 31st, 2020 our focus will be “The People of the Book are the People of the Land.”

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our event planning team. Starting early November, the team will gather monthly, location TBD, likely in Newton. All planning team members are asked to help drive one particular piece, working with a small group of others. Planning team members will hold the vision for the event and organize and oversee all aspects. Team tasks include:

  • Soliciting sponsorships and organizational partnerships;
  • Developing a robust and varied activity fair, which will include activities, vendors, information, and snacks; 
  • Coordinating food (donated and served) that meets the constraints of kosher dietary laws, ethical/local desires, and budget;
  • Providing feedback on marketing content, helping to identify target markets for outreach, managing registration, and providing input for website updates;
  • Learning session coordination and communications with presenters;
  • Recruiting event volunteers and participants.

Regular communication and benchmarks will be established in between meetings. Think flexible and collaborative. Expect to work 1-5 hours a week, depending on your responsibilities up to two weeks after the event. Individual time commitments will vary throughout the year, depending on the area of responsibility. Plan to work as a conference ambassador in a variety of capacities and provide leadership at the event itself.

For more information contact, Leora Mallach, Director, or at 617-877-2036.

כ״ד באלול ה׳תשע״ט (September 24, 2019)