Call for Board Members

We seek individuals to join our Board of Directors who have diverse backgrounds and life experiences that will help further our mission and build upon our base. (Bonus if you have non-profit board experience!) We are a young non-profit with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we are looking for individuals interested in helping to steer the course of our growth and impact as part of a hands-on, working board. We have recently completed a strategic visioning process and are looking to expand our board to manage and implement a renewed focus.

Candidates should expect to roll up their sleeves and pitch in, regardless of their primary area of expertise. Our board strives to function as a team, and we seek candidates with experience working with others. We expect board members to be passionate about the organization’s mission, and excited to collaborate with staff and other board members. Time commitments vary from 1-4 hours per week, depending on personal tasks and program calendar.

About us

Beantown Jewish Gardens (Ganei Beantown) is building community through experiential food and agriculture education rooted in Jewish text, tradition and culture. Facilitating a connection between Judaism, food, and agriculture breathes new life into Jewish tradition, community, and identity and engages the Jewish community in the question of how to feed ourselves and the world in a just and sustainable manner.

Qualifications & Expectations

  • Commit to 1-year renewable term beginning in Fall 2019.
  • Support the mission, values, and vision of Beantown Jewish Gardens and be committed to the advancement of the organization.  
    • Participate in strategic visioning and assessment.
    • Candidates must show willingness and commitment to get to know the organization and the environment in which it operates.
  • Actively participate in bi-monthly meetings and other special meetings.
    • Be prepared for all conversations and meetings and complete assigned tasks on time.
    • Give and take honest feedback – be willing to listen with an open mind.
    • Utilize established online communication platforms.
  • Take on an active leadership and ambassadorship role.
    • Support and attend the organization’s major events.
    • Represent the organization in a knowledgeable, professional manner.
    • Focus in one project area to help sustain and grow the nonprofit in building organizational structures.
    • Work directly with the Executive Director and other Board members between meetings.
  • Participate in development and fundraising to ensure the organization has adequate resources to deliver its mission.
    • Develop, review and evaluate annual budget on a regular basis.
    • Set annual “give” and “get” goals.
    • Engage in fundraising activities, including but not limited to reaching out to personal networks, making targeted asks, writing grant applications, and identifying additional funding opportunities.
  • Help ensure legal and ethical integrity of the organization as a registered 501(c)3, via the annual performance review process, conflict of interest policy, and fiduciary responsibilities.

Especially important to us at this stage of the organization are team members with one or more of the following areas of expertise and qualities:

  • Marketing/communications;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Connecting to and raising money from foundations and other organizations;
  • Experience with sponsorship and event management.

Conversations happening now! The application is available here.