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Boston Jewish Food Conference 2018 postcard

Sponsored by Beantown Jewish Gardens, the 7th annual Boston Jewish Food Conference is on Sunday, June 10, 2018 at Temple Israel in Boston, MA.

The Boston Jewish Food Conference is an annual springtime event. In a multi-generational, pluralistic setting, it serves to educate and connect the greater Boston Jewish community around issues of sustainable food systems and what guides our food choices.

This year our focus is Living Off the Land. We are looking for workshop presenters to provide insight into topics and trends in our local and regional food and Jewish communities, through practical tips, best practices and strategies.

As Jews, we have historical roots in the land and a contemporary reputation as “people of the book.” How do we reconcile that? From agricultural best-practices to holiday celebrations and family stories, our ties to place and culture bind us together.

Join us as we grow our relationship with the land, and with each other. We’ll delve into our spiritual connection, as well as practical strategies to help us be better stewards of Creation.

As Jews, it’s our duty to be mindful not only of the quality of the food we put in our bodies but also the overall health of our communities. What can we learn from the cycles of the seasons, the harvests and our historical traditions to nurture our bodies, spirits, and communities?


**Workshops are 1.25 hours in length. All submissions must be received by March 12.**

Proposals will be reviewed by the committee and we will be in touch in shortly after. Due to space and time restraints, we aren’t able to honor everyone who applies to present, and we may propose pairing presenters together. As a community event, presenters are given free conference attendance, but not financial compensation. You can see copies of the 2017 workshops here.

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