Planning Team: Boston Jewish Food Conference

The Boston Jewish Food Conference (BJFC) is an annual springtime event run by Beantown Jewish Gardens. In a multi-generational, pluralistic setting, it serves to educate and connect the greater Boston Jewish community around issues of sustainable food systems and what guides our food choices.

Volunteer planning team members will hold the vision for the event and organize and oversee all aspects of the BJFC. Individual time commitments will vary throughout the year, depending on the area of responsibility. All planning team members are asked to help drive one particular piece of the conference, working with a small group of others. The whole team will gather monthly, either on the phone or in person. Regular communication and benchmarks will be established between. Think flexible and collaborative.

Expect to work 1-5 hours a week, depending on your responsibilities, up to two weeks after the conference. Plan to work as a conference ambassador in a variety of capacities (including possibly composing material, speaking engagements, tabling, etc.) and provide leadership at the BJFC itself.

If you’re interested in joining the team, contact

Maintain a big picture perspective, be aware of progress and challenges in committee work; Be a public face of the conference; Regular communication and liaison with staff; Edit content as needed- written and graphic; Help structure conference evaluations & planning team debrief

Food Team
Oversee food at conference including reception snacks, meal preparations; Maintain perspective of kosher dietary laws, ethical/local desires and budget; Solicit food donations, wholesale pricing; Day of: Manage and set up food; Communicate donations to marketing team; Send thank you to food donors

Organizational Partnerships
Reach out to local organizations and businesses to solicit partnerships; Follow up and confirm as needed; Communicate confirmations to marketing team

Shuk Team
Work with donations and food team; Brainstorm, solicit and confirm Shuk vendors and tables (balancing DIY, food, information, etc.); Send confirmation & be point person of communication; Secure funding from vendors; Be responsible for room layout; Communicate confirmation to marketing team; Day of: be the point person for vendors, engage participants in activities, facilitate clean up; Send thank you letters to all vendors

Silent Auction
Solicit donations for silent auction (often in person); Communicate confirmations to marketing team; Package donations in appealing manner; Day of: organize silent auction set up, coordinate awarding of winners & prizes; Send thank you’s afterwards

Programming Team
Facilitate initial brainstorming and framing of educational workshops; Maintain perspective on confirmed presenters, logistical and A/V needs, etc.; Coordinate workshop descriptions, presenter bios, etc. on timeline; Communicate confirmations, logistics to presenters; Prepare small appreciation gifts for presenters; Liaison with which presenters might also table at Shuk; Communicate confirmations and relevant information to marketing team; Day of: Welcome and point person for workshop presenters; Solicit feedback and send thank you to presenters afterwards

Marketing & Outreach
Identify target markets for specific outreach, manage local contacts; Develop and implement social media strategy; Receive confirmations from committee and promote event; Coordinate print materials development and distribution; Coordinate blog content; Manage content, format for email blasts; Maintain brand management with GB staff; Liaison with press; Support planning team in reaching out to their networks; Oversee content and layout of program book; Day of: live tweet, facebook and photography

Web Developer/Registrar
Develop registration form; Manage data and keep team updated; Manage and update website with conference information; Day of: Manage registration table

Volunteer Coordinator/Logistics Affairs Agent
Site liaison; Be aware of purchasing and pick up needs, coordinate or help as possible; Recruit volunteers, define roles & responsibilities; Communicate and confirm schedules with volunteers; Support planning team members with volunteers as needed; Accommodate for special needs folks. Day of: manage volunteers, support; Send thank you to volunteers afterwards