8 Sparks of Light: 2017 Edition

With the increasing darkness this time of year, we’re reflecting on the sparks of inspiration within our community. Who are the people that inspire us? Who holds the candle high and magnifies the light?

Here are the stories of 8 community members who are each, in their own way, providing us inspiration in the work they do and the values they live. They stand out above all to be students of life.

Adiel P.- Striar Hebrew Academy Student
Reva Haselkorn– Culinary Instructor
Rabbi Aaron Philmus– Homesteading Rabbi, Temple Torat Yisrael
Laya Steinberg– Synagogue Garden Leader
Laurie Herschman Heller– Graphic Designer
Jake W-M– Ganei Beantown Board Member
Laura Bellows– Rabbinical Student
Todd Kaplan– Gleaner Extraordinaire

At Ganei Beantown, we are connecting their stories with our own, providing resources and connections to build a food system we can trust, based on compelling values and local networks. We have accomplished a great deal, and in order to expand our reach, we need your support.

Each night of Chanukah, as we light the candles, we have an opportunity to reflect on the flames and rededicate ourselves to living our values. As the week of Chanukah progresses, we will grow the light, and so too the accumulation of these stories offers a diversity of pathways to action, providing a reminder that we all have the power to make change.

A huge thank you to these community members for sharing their thoughts and experiences, and the inspiration they provide. You can show your appreciation with a financial donation to Ganei Beantown today.