8 Sparks of Light: Adiel P, 5th Grade Striar Hebrew Academy

Throughout Chanukah, we’re sharing our “8 sparks of light” providing inspiration and insight into the diversity of people working on a local level for a more transparent and just food system.

Adiel P. is a 5th grader from Sharon, MA who doesn’t mind getting dirty!


What’s your involvement in the “Jewish Food Movement?”
I am a 5th grade student at Striar Hebrew Academy. During the spring, my class was actively involved in building the new school garden.

What was your favorite part of building a garden at Striar?
Building the rock spiral in the mud (see photo). I was walking in the mud and my shoes kept coming off because the velcro wasn’t good. I didn’t care, even when they told me I couldn’t walk in the mud without my shoes. I did anyway and kept going.

What’s your advice for other students building gardens?
Be prepared to get dirty. And when you do, get as dirty as possible.

Also, pitchforks work well for separating the dirt.

What are some cool things you learned about gardening during the school year?
Plants grow towards the light.

Tell us about the Boston Area Jewish Day School STEM Fair that you presented at:
Presenting at the STEM fair was hard because we kept having to redo the display board. Our topic was maps and design. Once we were there, talking to people about the garden was the easy part.

What is a highlight from this first summer of gardening in the Striar Garden?
We grew a sunflower taller than the principal. They should make sunflower mazes the way they make corn mazes.

We heard you just returned from a field trip to the Teva Learning Center. What was a highlight from that trip?
The first day we were there our group climbed a big hill. If you slipped you would fall really far down. On the walk a lot of people fell down. When we got to the top it had such a good view and was so cool.

How does the Striar garden fit in with Teva?
Both of them have lots and lots of vegetables.  Both of them also let me do fun things outside with my friends!

What garden foods do you enjoy?
Snacking on chives. The blueberries were delicious, and they’re a perennial, so we don’t have to replant them next year.

What’s your favorite Jewish food?
Sufganiot (Jelly donuts)

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