8 Sparks of Light: Benji S., Latke Enthusiast

Throughout Chanukah, we’re sharing our “8 sparks of light” providing inspiration and insight into the diversity of people working on a local level for a more transparent and just food system.

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Benji S. is 7 years old. He’s already been to the Boston Jewish Food Conference twice and is learning to cook.

What is your favorite Jewish food?
Latkes and applesauce.

What about sour cream?
Not so much.

What do you think Jewish food is?
Kosher. Maybe it’s made in Israel? It’s food you eat on certain holidays. Also, taste matters.

Is it important to know about where our food comes from?
Not so much. Maybe to you.

Your mom was chair of the 2016 Boston Jewish Food Conference, what was your favorite moment of BJFC16?
Helping to set up. Having the actual meal was pretty fun. Also the whoopie pies were SO good. But it’s not really a kiddie thing. Maybe if you want more kids you should have a playroom with toys.

Do you cook?
I’m learning to make scrambled eggs. I have a secret ingredient. It’s mayo. You add it when you’re doing that thing with the fork. It makes them fluffier.

Also I help make applesauce.

Why are you learning to cook?
Basically, I want to learn to start making my own breakfast. Next I’m going to learn to make oatmeal with chocolate chips.

Benji: “What candle am I going to be?”
GB: I don’t know yet, what candle do you want to be?
B: I think I should be the 7th candle because I’m 7 years old.

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