Planning Team for 2015 Boston Jewish Food Conference

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We are currently gathering the planning team for the fourth annual Boston Jewish Food Conference to take place in March 2015. Community members will gather to learn about Jewish agriculture, labor issues, health, food access, kashrut and local food history.

Planning team members will organize and oversee all aspects of the BJFC. Commitments will vary throughout the year, depending on the area of responsibility. All planning team members are asked to help drive one particular piece of the conference, working with a small group of others from the larger team. Expect to work as a conference ambassador or on various tasks for about an hour a week, with planning team meetings/ phone calls once a month. Team members will provide leadership at the BJFC itself.

This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity to build community and shape priorities. If you’re interested in joining the planning team, please email

Areas of responsibility include: programming, community partnerships, marketing and outreach, volunteer coordination, Shuk (market) coordinator and donation solicitations.