Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

On Earth Day, April 2012, the 1st Boston Jewish Food Conference (BJFC) brought together 200 community members to learn about Jewish agriculture, labor issues, health, food access, kashrut and local food history.

We are currently forming a planning team for the second BJFC, to be held in early March 2013.  Early spring is a time to think about the coming agricultural cycle, growing season, birth and rejuvenation. Paramount throughout the day will be the theme of Justice within Sustainability. How do my food choices affect others? What are the climate implications for how I eat? What can I do to create a more just food system? What resources exist in my community to guide my decision making?

Planning team members will organize and oversee all aspects of the BJFC. This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity to build community and shape priorities. Our first planning team meeting will be on Thursday Nov. 15th at 8:00pm. If you’re interested in joining the planning team, please email or call 617-877-2036.

Planning team time commitments will vary throughout the year, depending on the area of responsibility. All planning team members are asked to help drive one particular piece of the conference, working with a small group of others from the larger team. Expect to work as a conference ambassador or on various tasks for about an hour a week, with planning team meetings/ phone calls once a month. Team members will provide leadership at the BJFC itself.

Areas of responsibility

Conference Co-chairs
Marketing and Outreach
Print materials
Managing partnerships
Volunteer recruitment and coordination
Programming team co-chairs
Shuk (market) coordinator
Food team
Menu planning
Donation solicitation
Logistics- site liaison
Teen programming
Kids babysitting coordinator

ט״ו במרחשון ה׳תשע״ג (October 31, 2012)