Sukkot Festival Schedule

Chag Sameach!
We’re so excited to see you THIS SUNDAY October 16th from 12:00pm-4:00pm at Lands Sake Farm for the first annual Boston Area Sukkot Family Harvest Festival. Bring a picnic lunch and join us on the farm.The farm stand will be selling fresh veggies, local honey and pumpkins.If you’re planning on coming, we’d move to know, please RSVP here. If you can’t RSVP, just come!
We’re also still looking for some folks to volunteer with site (and Sukkah) set up! You can sign up here.

Here’s our schedule of events
(rain or sunshine- we have sturdy tents):

12:00pm – 2:00 pm
*  Bicycle powered recycled paper making– Amy May
We’ll be making paper from old paper but instead of coming from a big factory, we’re going to power the process ourselves with a bicycle. Create a piece of paper you can take home with you.
*  Truck Farm– Erin Taylor
The Truck Farm is a mobile community farm that grows produce in the bed of a pickup truck.
Face Painting– Fiesta Face, Gaby Fiato
Come get into the festive holiday spirit by getting your face painted!
*  Sukkah decorations -The JCC staff
Get creative and make decorations for our Sukkah and for yours.

12:30-1:15 pm
*  Shelter from the Storm?! Exploring the Purpose of the Sukkah- Rabbi Daniel Klein
In our tradition, meaning so often follows form. Our rituals are designed to take us on a psychological and spiritual journey. What is the meaning of this strange and wonderful hut we call a home for the holiday of Sukkot? Come explore classic and modern wisdom on the purpose of the Sukkah.
*  Animal tour of Lands Sake farm– Doug Cook
Come see the cows, sheep and goats that are being grazed on public land for the common good. Then, we’ll visit the bees and chickens, who are also working hard for the farm.
Harvest Fest in Context: Where we are in Today’s Food System– Helen Bennett
Interactive and hands-on games and activities will bring together families and friends on the topic of our place in today’s food system.  Working together, we’ll play and discuss how we interact with the foods of this season, and how connected (or not) we are to the time when the Israelites dwelt in Sukkot.
*  Rakia Shemaya Chandler hip hop performance
Rakia Shemaya takes her name from the Biblical Hebrew, meaning the firmament, which separates duality, while knowing all is One. Her persona combines a deep spirituality with a drive to make a difference in the world and she is committed to using performance to educate and empower struggling people everywhere through music, dance and lyrics.

*  Bethel Steele musical performance
A regionally-touring singer-songwriter whose solo performance has been described as being reminiscent of Joan Armatrading, Ani DiFranco and Neil Young.  Singing in a smoky alto, she writes simple and direct poetry, and sets it to beautiful music.

2:00-3:00 pm
Klezwoods concert
A Boston-based amalgam of strings, horns, and percussion that melds the spirit of traditional klezmer and balkan music with modern grooves, improvisation and east coast attitude. Every player comes from a different background, which creates the band’s unique sound and style. They originally got their start some years back when local Cambridge, MA haunt, Atwood’s Tavern, asked soon-to-be-bandleader Joseph Kessler to put together a group of klezmer musicians during Christmas time for a “klezmer Christmas” event. Thus, Klezwoods was born, and continues to captivate audiences all over the world.

3:00-3:45 pm
*  Working the land– Joseph Berman
Get ready to get dirty weeding the strawberry field.
Praying for Rain: What are we really asking for?– Rabbi Ebn Leader
Join us as we examine several early rabbinic texts exploring the tradition of praying for rain during the Sukkot season.  How do we, as New Englanders, understand this ancient tradition of praying for rain in the land of Israel?
*  Harvest Prayer Ornaments– Laura Evonne Steinman
Come create using a variety of natural fibers, including felt made from recycled bottles and found objects a prayer ornaments to decorate your home or sukkah at this harvest time. All ages welcome!
*  Holiday Songs, Stories, & More– Ariel Rosenberg
Songs of joy, stories of adventure, and other surprises for children and adults alike…  Bring your voice, your energy, and your curiosity!
*  Animal tour of Lands Sake farm– Doug Cook
Come see the cows, sheep and goats that are being grazed on public land for the common good. Then, we’ll visit the bees and chickens, who are also working hard for the farm.

May we all be blessed with shelters of peace,

Leora Mallach & Or Rose
(617) 877-2036

י״ד בתשרי ה׳תשע״ב (October 12, 2011)